Most Dental Problems And Its Causes


Teeth are very important for our human life. If you want to eat anything we need teeth. So that’s why teeth are important. So we have to keep our teeth safely. Calcium is one of the protections for teeth. As usual, we use teeth to eat food. Actually, dental problems occur in kids because they did not do the brush properly so this is the main problem for kids. So the cavities occur in kids. Where there is a cavity occurs they have some pain. This kind of problem not only occurs in kids it can occur to elders also.

Some of The Dental Problems Are Listed Below


Cavities are also called as tooth decay. These are permanently damaged teeth and may even holes in that teeth also. Cavities occur due to the eating of bacteria food. This may cause the cavities so try to avoid that type of food.

Gum diseases:

Gum disease is one of the dental problems. I think so many people experienced this type of problem. The gum disease is also called as gingivitis, is an inflammation of the gums. Gum disease causes due to the poor brushing of teeth. And it can make gum swell and bleed of your teeth.

Cracked and broken teeth:

Whenever you are having this kind of problem you better to meet your doctor. If anyone suffering from the teeth cracked or broken. It is having a heavy pain at that time we should have to replace the teeth with your doctor.

Sensitive teeth:

Sensitive teeth are one of the major problems. So many people are suffering from this problem. If the people having sensitive teeth they are unable to eat the cold items because they feel uncomfortable to eat the cold items. Sensitive teeth are one of the dental problems.

Precautions of Dental Diseases

  • We have to do the brush regularly twice a day. One is early morning and another one is after having dinner.
  • We should have to use the proper paste to brush our teeth and change brush for every month.
  • We have to avoid smoking because smoking will damage the strength of the teeth.
  • Use some mouth fresheners for the better smell of your mouth.
  • Try to check your teeth for every 3 months once. We can avoid dental problems by doing this.

Best Foods For Healthy Teeth

If you want to keep your teeth healthy you need to eat calcium content food. The calcium content food keeps healthy of your teeth not only teeth and keeps bone also healthy.


Milk is a nutritious food. Drinking milk is a good habit for health because milk having high content calcium. Calcium is good for both teeth and bones also.

Green leafy vegetables:

Green leafy vegetables are very healthy for health. It contains calcium it will better for healthy teeth and bone also. These leafy vegetables can avoid dental problems.


Nuts can give the calcium content for better teeth. It will keep healthy teeth and also oral problems. We should have to keep our mouth hydrated.

These are the best foods of calcium it makes healthy teeth.

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