Prevent Heart Attacks In Women


The main part of the human body is the heart. It places at the center of the chest which is near to the left hand itself. If you feel any uncomfortable or pain across the chest or a left-hand pain and difficult to breathe say symptoms that represent heart attack? Nowadays particularly women get heart attacks because of heavy tiredness. By taking some of the precautions we can prevent heart attacks in women.

The heart function depends upon the flow of blood within the vessels or pumping the blood to the heart. If any blockages occur within the vessels at that time there is a chance to get a heart attack.

The heart attack occurs when the flow of blood to the heart vessels are blocked. The blockage occurs because of fat and bad cholesterol. Some of the high cholesterol contents are cheese and organ meat.

About Occurance Of Heart Attacks In Women

Most of the heart attack victims are middle age and older age people. As per the records, the first heart attack occurs at the age of 70 years for women. Men get the first stroke at the age of 66 only. Some of the people get the stroke even in 40 to 45 years also. Some of the causes of heart attack and how can we prevent heart attacks in women.

Causes of Heart Attack in Women


Smoking may surprise to learn that increases the risk of heart attacks and stroke by 2 to 4 times. Women who smoke have a 25% higher risk of heart attacks.


Nowadays diabetes is one of the sign of heart attacks. So many people are suffering from diabetes. Those who are having a long history of diabetes may have a chance to get heart attacks. Even the ladies are also having diabetes problems so there is a chance to get Heart attacks in women easily.

High Blood Pressure:

Uncontrollable blood pressure is a very dangerous disease. It causes heart attacks because the heart functioning depends upon the flow of blood. The flow of blood either low or high affects the heart attacks so the blood pressure should be controllable.


Stress is one of the body’s reaction and it is a part of life. When people feel more stress, at that time the body releases some kind of chemical into the blood. Then there is a chance to get a heart attack in women.


During menopause, women produce less estrogen. These levels say the health of women. If estrogen levels are good then the women are healthy. If the level of estrogens is low there is a chance to get a heart attack.

Symptoms of Heart Attacks In Women:

Chest Pain: If you have any uncomfortable feeling in the chest it may be lead to a heart attack.

Nausea: Nausea is also one of the causes of heart attack, for example, food poisoning and dehydration.

Left-hand Pain: Before getting a heart attack there is a common symptom found in almost all the persons called left-hand pain. It is difficult to move the left-hand properly.

Cold sweating: Before getting a heart attack you will get heavy sweat on the body if you are in an air conditing room also.

Fatigue: Fatigue describes the tiredness and loss of energy. It is an early sign of heart attack because of sleepless or might be an early warning for heart attack.

Prevent Heart Attacks In Women:

  • Prefer to eat healthy food. Try to eat low-fat content only.
  • Maintain a proper diet and add some fruits in a regular diet.
  • Try to do workouts which are helpful for our health.
  • Need to maintain proper weight or healthy weight.
  • Try to avoid smoking habits from you.
  • The stress should be manageable.
  • Blood pressure should be controlled.
  • If you are diabetes that should be controlled also.
  • Avoid drinking habits also or else if you have a habit to drink regularly try to maintain limitedly.

If you take these kinds of precautions, this will help you to prevent the heart attacks in women.

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