Simple And Best Exercise For Elders At Home


One can achieve good health by eating healthy and regular exercise. Exercise is the only physical activity that helps to get out of the fat, calories, and weight loss. There are various physical activities like gym, aerobics, yoga, dance, Zumba, and walking. Apart from walking, there are many best exercise for elders at home. Depending on our age, we can follow any of the particular physical activities as exercise daily. There is no need to go out for a separate gym or class to practice. You can easily practice them in the morning or evening times without any equipment. All that you need are the strength, patience, and interest. These exercises not only prevent you from diseases but also help to gain good health. Regular exercise boosts our energy levels to stay active and energetic all day. Here, we suggest some best exercises to try for elders.

Best Exercise For Elders At Home:

It’s time to discuss some of the simple and safe exercises for elders at our house.

  1. Warm-up
  2. Chair Squats
  3. Wall push-ups
  4. Standing on a single foot
  5. Stretching

1. Warm-up

Start your exercises with some warm-ups like walking or jogging. Generally, warm-ups increase blood circulation, strengthens your muscles, and improve energy levels of our body.

  1. Wear stiff shoes and stand straight with tight abs. Start walking, jogging slowly by making sure that your feet touch the ground and then roll back through your heel. In this best exercise for elders at home, the way you inhale and exhale is also important.
  2. Now try to increase your speed and continue to do it for about 10-15 minutes. And if you think you can do for some more time to repeat for another 5 minutes and rest for a minute.

2. Chair Squats:

General squats help to reduce the fat in the thighs. These squats also help to strengthen your muscles of legs, lower body, and back muscles. Regular practice of chair squats help you climb steps, bend easily, and to sit and come out of the car. The steps to do this best exercise for elders at home are:

  1. Stand straight in front of a stiff, armless chair. Make sure that your feet touch and are at the same distance as hip distance.
  2. Leave, your hands-free with your chest and hip lifted. Now slowly bend you your back and sit on the chair while inhaling.
  3. Exhale and stand up from the chair with your both feet touching the ground.
  4. Repeat this for about 8-10 minutes

Note: If your suffering from any knee issues, please refer to a doctor before doing the exercise.

3. Wall Push-ups:

Wall push-ups are different from the general one. This is the best exercise for elders at home to practice. Working on wall push-ups mainly strengthens our chest, shoulders, upper back, and arms.

  1. Stand straight facing the wall, make sure that your both feet are away from each other.
  2. Place on your palms on the wall. Now take a deep breath, bend your arms sidewards, and bring your chest close to the wall.
  3. Exhale and bring back your arms and shoulders to the starting position. Continue this process for about 5-7 rounds or 15 minutes.

4. Standing on a single foot:

Standing on a single foot is the best exercise for elders at home to balance your body weight. This exercise can be practiced by any people, as it involves less effort, energy but more balance.

  1. Stand straight besides or behind a chair or counter. Inhale and fold your left leg backward and hold it up to 15 seconds with the help of your hand.
  2. After 15 seconds, bring your left leg to the starting position and repeat the process for about 12 rounds.
  3. Now change the leg and follow the same steps with the right leg.

5. Stretching:

Flexibility plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy and stiff body. Stretching is also the best exercise for elders at home to gain flexibility. There are different types of stretching, like arm, shoulder, chest, leg, and many more. Now we discuss the arm stretching:

  1. Stand straight with your both feet touching the ground. Now inhale, lift your both hands up above the head and lock them.
  2. Now raise your whole body and try to balance on your toes for about 2-3 minutes.
  3. Repeat the above steps for about 5-6 times.
  4. This exercise helps to provide flexibility to the whole body from toes to head.
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