Some of Easy and Simple Cooking Tips


Cooking is an art of life, and which includes technology, and science, and craft of preparing food for consumption. There are different ways to use for Cooking tips and techniques which help more for the beginners.

Nowadays the usage of the electric stoves has become part of the cooking life. Simple healthy cooking tips are very helpful for the beginners who really saw the kitchen for the first time. Another one is baking in various types of ovens that are used for cooking. Here are some Easy and Simple Cooking tips which are very useful. The Basic Cooking Tips are given in the in the below-given article. Completely go through the article for more cooking tricks.

General Cooking Tips

  1. For making the smoother and soft chapati’s use the following trick and have a complete meal. While mixing the chapati dough add some warm water, and some amount of warm milk and mix the dough. Before making chapati’s place it aside about 15 minutes. Here are the simple Cooking tips and techniques for making smooth chapati’s.
  2. To boil the milk, use a large bottomed vessel and start preparing of any item using milk use that vessel which helps in reducing the sticking of the milk to the vessel. Before placing the vessel add a little amount of water to the vessel to avoid sticking. This Easy and Simple Cooking Tips are very helpful to avoid the sticking milk.
  3. Get the tastiest dish by using this Basic Cooking Tips. Toast the dal, ravva, nuts, and rice to get a tasty dish. WhileToasting these items add the flavor and make us fall in love with it.
  4. Here is one more simple healthy cooking tip that adds a few drops of oil to the rice before cooking. It will help the rice to not get sticky.
  5. Here one more Cooking tip and technique that is rubbing your hands to the stainless steel sink to get rid of the smell of Onion or garlic.
  6. Follow this Basic Cooking Tips to peel the layer of potatoes or eggs. Before boiling a pinch of salt to the water. It will help us to peel the layer in an easy manner.
  7. To Get the soft idly’s adding some Sabudana (or) Cooke rice while preparing the batter. Simple Healthy Cooking tips will help us a lot.

Cooking Tips For Busy Days

  1. The Easy and Simple Cooking Tips that save time in chopping the vegetables like tomatoes in a busy schedule. Use the Tomato Sauce, Instead of tomato pieces it may also help to make the dish very fast.
  2. Use these Cooking tips and techniques to saute the tomatoes, onions, and some other vegetables in the micro oven. that reduce the time and cooks very fast.
  3. Here is an amazing Simple Healthy Cooking tip that is while cooking the cauliflower or some potatoes. Cook some extra amount of curry and keep it in the fridge. This stuff may help us to make stuffed parathas, cutlets, and many more items. This Basic Cooking Tip is helpful in saving our time.
  4. To save time and energy for chopping the vegetables, every time use this Basic Cooking Tips. Chop More vegetables and store these vegetables in the fridge by the lock bags which keeps fresh for a long time. Basic cooking health tips will help you more.
  5. Use the Simple Healthy Cooking Tips that grate the coconut and mix curry leaves in it and fry for some time. Keep aside in the fridge It will help in the making of gravies easily.
  6. Don’t forget to soak the chickpea and then use this Easy and Simple Cooking Tips. Soak the chickpea 1 hour before cooking this will help you to cook fast.

Different Methods of Cooking

The process the dry heat cooking method is food that does not require any water to cook. The food is left dry, and heat is applied to cook the food. This method of cooking is baking, steaming, grilling, and roasting. When cooking is done, the water will add for the preparation of the recipe. The water added to the food during its preparation evaporates during the heating process and cooks the food by using the Easy and Simple Cooking Tips.

The grilling food methods that heat source comes from the bottom. Think about cooking a steak on the grill. The heats only come from the coals underneath the grate. Grilling usually involves in an open flame, but can also be done with a grill pan on a stove top. Foods are cooked by heating the grill grates, which gives ingredients the charred, grilled lines.

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